Direct TV - Satellite TV

Direct TV is one of the leaders in satellite television; they offer hundreds of channels many of them in HD. They offer many premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz along with many sports packages, some of which are only available on Direct TV. NFL Sunday ticket is one of the sports packages that draws many customers to their satellite company. They offer you the ability to purchase first run movies directly from your remote, many of these movies will be on the system before they are available on DVD. Direct TV offers many music and video channels along with all of the other available channels.

They also have an HD DVR that allows you to record shows and then view them at your convenience. If you purchase a movie from their on demand movie system you can even record that and watch it as many times as you want. When it comes to your channel lineup Direct TV offers many different packages so that you can tailor your package to your needs. Some of the packages offered by the company are the select package that offers more than 125 digital channels. There are three levels of their choice package, which offers from 150 to 225 channels, and then the largest package is the premier package that offers over 285 channels.

For an extra fee, you can also opt to have your local channels enabled. Direct TV is always on the cutting edge of technology, from whole home DVR service to the ability to operate your entire system from your Smartphone. The whole home DVR allows you to watch your shows in any room of the house. For instance if you are watching a show it the living room and want to go to the bedroom, just pause the show, switch rooms and continue where you left the show. For those that have a Smartphone there are applications that allow you to watch your Direct TV anywhere via your phone, you can also set shows to record from anywhere. You can operate your entire system from your phone.